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2019-10-11martina mahdavi.JPG


Foto: Petra Lutnyk, 2019

I love textures, patterns and the all too easily overlooked - the silent traces of beauty in everyday life.

The materials I like to work with most are textiles, paper and polymer clay. I like to make things. I am interested in techniques and how you can use them in unusual ways.

….. I love biking in the city, listening to the radio, the english spoken on the northeast coast of the USA, and movies in original language.

Born and raised in southern Germany, I live and work in Vienna/ Austria. Currentliy I am teaching textile printig, dying and other textile surface techniques at the "KunstModeDesign Herbststrasse".
I graduated from University of Applied Arts in the fields of "Textile - Art, Design, Styles" and "Design, Architecture and Environment". In order to come into contact with handicraft techniques worldwide I love to travel.

If you are interested in a piece, please contact me.

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